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Pet bottle recycling line 600


Raw material     

PET bottles

Finished raw material   

PET flakes, thermoforms, film of sheets, fibers, strapping

Capacity up to          

600 kg/h

Operating power up to         

150 KW/h       

Number of maintenance staff                  


Line's video
Line's description

PET raw materials in bales are charged into the bale breaker’s conveyor belt. Then bales are transported to the working zone where they are divided into separate bottles by the drums. After all, all the material is discharged into the conveyor belt.

The belt conveyor, with the help of belt’s movements gives raw materials to the hopper where PET bottles’ labels are separated from bottles. The pre-beating process from sand and contaminants takes place there. Then raw materials are given to sifting rollers and separated labels are discharged into the cyclone.  In the cyclone, there is the separation of labels from the air.

In the sifter, raw materials are given to the charging zone of the conveyor belt. Sand, contaminants fall through transportation disks’ gaps. After passing the sifter, raw materials are given to the conveyor belt’s hopper. Then they are given to the crusher’s hopper.

In the crusher, raw materials are given to the PET block where they are preliminary crushed by rotors and washed by injectors which are in the discharge hopper.  Then PET is crushed to the certain fraction size which is defined by holes’ diameter in the fractional grid.

Further crushed raw materials pass through several stages such as cleaning, washing, drying with the help of the floatation bath, the heated, planetary and intensive washing machine, the centrifuge, the air separator. Their quantity depends on the required purification degree. They can be selected individually.

As a result there are high-quality and pure PET flakes which are suitable for further recycling.

This technological line can also be equipped with the water purification system which allows to reduce expenses on the line maintenance  due to water circulation.


1. There are different line’s elements according to the production requirements.                                                           

2. The possibility to add new equipment without changes in the existing equipment.

3. There is stage-to-stage raw materials’ recycling and washing.

4. High-quality raw materials as a result.

5. World manufacture’s components provide long-lasting equipment’s work.

6. Installation’s mobility and the possibility to configure lines in different varieties.  

7. The possibility to use a typical foundation without additional casting it in the equipment’s installation place.

8. The usage of circulating water during the processing and the possibility for stage-to-stage purification.

9. Low energy consumption

10. The possibility of commissioning

11.  Specialists’ consultation on the equipment’s work

12. Specialists’ consultation on the possibilities of improving the existing equipment.
13. The possibility to produce the equipment according to the buyers’ requirements.