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Hard plastic recycling line 600


Raw material                    

contaminated jerry cans, bags, pallets, tubes, gates and etc

Finished raw material   

polymer 3-4 mm sized granules, which can be used for AMM and casting machine

Capacity up to          

600 kg/h

Operating power up to         

150 KW/h       

Number of maintenance staff                  


Line's video
Line's description

Line’s description

This line allows to recycle many types of polymer raw materials with different contaminants. Raw materials are various plastic products, waste materials. It is possible to recycle thick-walled and thin-walled materials. Gates after extrusion, tubes, jerry cans, boxes, containers and buckets are common for recycling.

                If there are thick-walled materials such as tubes or gates, they are preliminary crushed in a shredder and then they are crushed again to the certain fraction size in a crusher. If there are thin-walled materials such as boxes, buckets, containers, they are crushed without getting to a shredder.  Then they pass through several washing stages, including intensive hot washing with detergents which are necessary for contaminated materials. After washing, raw materials are dried in a centrifuge and then they are cleaned in the air separator, getting into a storage. Clean and dried materials are given to a granulation line with a screw batcher. Then raw materials are melted, degassed, filtered and granulated. As a result, we get right shaped granules without impurities and smell. During the process of granulation, it is possible to add dyes and other varies additives, which can change raw materials’ properties.


Advantages of this equipment are the following: the possibility to change fast raw materials, high productivity, compactness, scalability, minimum number of maintenance staff. Several washing stages provide high quality granules as a result, whatever contaminants. The water purification system allows to use the circulating water for a long time.