211502, Belarus, Novopolotsk, Ozyornaya 129
  • pm-info@stankopolimech.com
  • +375 (29) 246-64-36
    +375 (29) 246-64-36

About company

  • We specialized in plastic recycling
  • There appeared a maintenance shop
  • We started to focus on the second-hand equipment
  • Started to produce it’s own equipment
    We offer crushers, shredders, granulators, washing machines, dryings and a lot of other equipment.
  • Modernized and new equipment was introduced into the production
    The territory of our plant is more than 1000 square meters. We use modern metalworking equipment. More than 100 specialists are involved in the process of producing the equipment.
  • Leading producer of the equipment in CIS countries.
    The POLIMECHGROUP company is the leading producer of the equipment for plastic recycling. The plant is located in the Republic of Belarus, Novopolotsk. More than 20 years, we have been producing equipment establishing lines on a turn-key basis in CIS countries and Europe.