211502, Belarus, Novopolotsk, Ozyornaya 129
  • pm-info@stankopolimech.com
  • +375 (29) 246-64-36
    +375 (29) 246-64-36


  • What are the guarantees?

    The guarantee on the equipment is 12 months. We give the guarantee on all the units of the equipment, except for fast wearing out units, such as knives, fractional grids, impellers, oil for the lubricating and etc. We also provide with the post guarantee maintenance. Our specialists are ready to render technical assistance either by phone or going to the buyer’s enterprise.

  • Is it possible to look at the equipment in advance? Where it is possible to do?

    The company "POLIMECHGROUP" has provided with more than 1000 units of equipment to enterprises in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. It is possible to look at our clients’ equipment and you can do it in our own production base. We have the possibility to make the chosen unit work on your raw materials by agreement.

  • How to order?

    If you want to order, it is enough to fill the form in on our website or you can call our managers, number: +375 (214) 59-67-90. We are always ready to consult you if there are some questions. We are glad to you.

  • What are the terms of the production?

    The company "POLIMECHGROUP" produces the most demanded units of the equipment to the warehouse in order to have them available. If the equipment is not available, the terms of it’s production are 40working days. If you want to get to know the exact terms of the delivery, you can call +375 (214) 59-67-90.

  • Where it is possible to take the equipment away?

    The equipment can be taken away from our warehouse. The address: Belarus,Novopolotsk

  • What are the terms of the delivery?

    If the units of the equipment are available, the term of the delivery is 2-3 days.