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Guillotine cutting

Guillotine cutting

Application for

Film and fabric materials

Width of cut strips

20-100 mm

Maximum cut thickness of  the compacted material

80 mm

Width of the cut

600 mm

Maximum thickness of non-compacted material( depends on the quantity of pressure rollers)

250 mm

Frequency cut per minute


Power of the electric motor

24,2 KW


4250х1970х1450 mm


2650 kg

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Product Description

Raw materials are put into the conveyor belt then they are transported to pressure and feed rollers. Rollers compact raw materials and then give them to the stationary knives. The flying knife, moving from the top to the bottom, cuts the strip of raw materials off and drops it on the discharge track. It is possible to change the width of cut materials by the speed of the tape conveyor and rollers. If there are two cuttings at an angle of 90 degrees, the second cutting will cut strips across their length into square or rectangular flaps.