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We offer single-shaft or double-shaft shredders for polymer recycling. You choose the best equipment- our company is a good producer of the qualitative equipment. We are who you need!

Why shredder is better for plastic than crusher?

Shredder works more effectively, but the main thing is that the quantity of waste products has decreased. It does not make much noise and there is no dust after its usage. One of the advantages is that the pieces of plastic can be of any size. Shredder can cope with everything.  Shredder for plastic is steady to any damages- knives and other details do not wear out for a long time.

Types of Shredder:

Shredders for plastic can be different, depending on the quantity of material which is used. But we can choose the appropriate shredder according to its size and technical characteristics.

Productivity is written on the fraction of the outlet, for example, 50 mm, but the size of the outlet can be changed according to your requirements. Moreover, our company offers shredders for film.

Positive characteristics

  1. Minimum noise
  2. Compacted and comfortable design
  3. Easy operation
  4. Qualitative plug knives
  5. Economical consumption: electricity consumption and the usage of machinery has decreased
  6. The construction of the building bag is suitable for recycling big-sized and small-sized plastic.
  7. High efficiency
  8. All the equipment is available and there are very good prices
  9. Shredder can be adjusted for more comfortable usage, depending on the working conditions.