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SLE 1 - 130

SLE 1 - 130

Screw diameter (L/D)

130/34 mm

Motor power

110 KW

Quantity of strands and degasification mines


Quantity of heating zones/ cooling zones


Heating elements

55 KW



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Product Description

Extruder SLE-1-130 is used forgetting homogeneous melt from plastic raw materials. There are degasification mines: general, vacuum, atmospheric. Then materials are processed through the die. If it is necessary to process heavily contaminated raw materials, it is possible to use the flat die.Extruder SLE-1-130 is multipurpose. It can also be equipped with the batcher which is suitable for processing of solid crashed polymers, agglomerates, crashed film materials, pellets.The batcher allows to use raw materials of low bulk density (crushed film, pellets).