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Pet flexes granulation

Pet flexes granulation

Name of equipment

Unit of measure





Power supply


380/22, 3 phase, 50 Hz



It is necessary to prepare cable for the main control panel of the line



It is necessary to prepare water feedlines to

all equipment

Product Description

PET flexes granulation is quite complex process. The specificity of the processing of raw materials is in the necessity of separating moisture to a value of 0.03% and removal of internal impurities with preserving or increasing the viscosity of raw materials at the line output. The granulation line PET flex C-LG-PET 300 is the best solution in this direction. With the help of vacuum loader, the raw material is fed into the vacuum kettle (from 1 to 3), previously passing metal separator to separate metallic inclusions. Vacuum and high temperature are maintained in the reactor. These factors allow to get rid of impurities and excessive moisture of the raw materials. Vacuum kettle retains the viscosity of raw materials. Using 3 vacuum reactors improves viscosity. After passing the stage of drying and deep cleaning, flakes are fed into the extruder. Passing through the extruder, the raw material is cleaned from the remnants of impurities by vacuum degasification. After extrusion, the molten PET raw material is further purified by passing through the melt filter. The obtained strands are fed into the PET granulation system, which cuts the raw material into granules to size. After that, PET granules undergo a crystallization stage by internal heat.