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SLU - 1800

SLU - 1800

Shaft diameter

500 mm

Shaft length

780 mm

Power of the actuating motor

55 KW

Shaft speed

800 rpm

Quantity of knives

56 psc

Quantity of the plug knife

52 psc

Quantity of the stationary knife

4 psc

Dimensions ofthe feeding hole

780х500 mm

Dimensions with a hopper

1910х1450х3870 mm

Product Description

Raw materials are charged into the hopper on the rotating rotor. Passing through the rotating and stationary knives, raw materials are crushed.Supplied water washes raw materials, cools knives and reduces noise of the crusher. Crushed raw materials pass through the grid hole and then get into the discharge hopper.

-Raw materials can be chargedwith the tape conveyors (600, 800) or with preliminary washing (new).

-Raw materials are discharged with the intensive inclined washer (new) or with the screw.

- SLU-1800 is based on SLU-1750: the case, the rotor size, the engine.

- Shaft with type-setting elements (all elements connected with each other).

-All elements are made with quality steel. They are passing through thermal treatment.

- Knives look like hooks. It gives the possibility to grip the material better.