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The amount of waste materials has been increasing due to the large amount of plastic containers consumption. Plastic material does not disintegrate andit leads to the environmental problems. That is why the recycling and utilization of plastic waste is a relevant topic. Realizing this idea, it is a good chance to buildprofitable business and it helps your country cope with the environmental problems. Our company specializes in this sphere. You can buy the crusher for plastics at a producer’s price.

We are ready to help you, if you try to find containers for waste materials. We manage to do this because our company produces crushers with different possibilities and you can buy them at lower prices. Our company also offers crushers for tires.

Crusher for plastics- profitable investment in your business

In order to organize this business, it is enough to get the license and environmental report and then there are only a few organizational moments.

  • To rent a place (200 m²). It will be better if it is an industrial area.
  • To buy an appropriate kind of a crusher.
  • To hire specialists who will be engaged in the production process.
  • To find sales market.

You will be able to become a profitable company for one month and to have an income from 3 hundred thousand rubles, if you recycle the good amount ofraw materials and find sales markets.

Kinds of crushers for polymers

We produce crushers for plastic of different thickness. The power range is from 11 to 55 KW. The cost of the equipment depends on this characteristic. More powerful equipment is for recycling of a large amount of raw materials and for large enterprises. For small enterprises, we offer to buy more compact and easy to operate crushers.

What are the technology stages of this business?

  • Crushing- a crusher with knives grinds waste materials into crumbs.
  • Agglomeration- there is a sintering process, crumbs turn into small lumps.
  • Granulation- receivingpure raw materials at the output.

The process of crashing plastics:

Waste materials are charged into the hopper. They face stationary knives and then they are crusheduntil the calibration grid.

Main advantages of a crusher for plastics.

  • High efficiency. 120 kg of plastic waste is crushed per 1 hour.
  • During its work, a crusher produces the minimum amount of dust.
  • Crushers’ knives are made with high quality materials.
  • Produce low noise.
  • It has a long service life.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • Easy servicing.
  • Reasonable prices which depend on crushers’ technical specifications and functionalities.

Everyone who wants to buy a crusher for plastics should know that there is a large percentage of energy consumption and as a result, crusher’s details wear out rapidly. That is why you should have deal with only tried-and-trusted producers.


Before buying the equipment, pay your attention to the following:

  • Crushing method.
  • Crusher’s elements
  • Its producer

You should remember that the productivity and quality of products depend on your choice of the equipment.


What kind of a crusher does our company offer?

Our company offers crushers for plastics. You will be very pleased with our prices. We are producers of the equipment. Therefore, our prices are set without additional charges. In our catalogue, you will find crushers of different thickness with a power range from 11 KW. There are simple, compact crushers and professional crushers with a large capacity factor.

What is the difference among crushers?

- Power

- Sizeofthecamera 

- Weight

- Dimensions


Crushers’ classification according to technical specifications

Equipment is classified into:

  • For crushing PVC films. It can be nylon or acryl.
  • For bulky waste. There are jaw crushers, hammer crushers, gyratory crushers. They are used for crushing PVC window profile, large details.
  • For crushing thin-walled plastics.

Why it is profitable to buy crushers for plastics in “Stankopolimech”?

  • Our company provides a wide range of crushers with different power range.
  • We deliver the equipment and install it in your enterprise.
  • Guarantee is 1 year.
  • We use our own innovations in the crushers’ production.
  • Reasonable prices
  • Our crushers are known for their high quality, high production rate and low percentage of energy consumption.
  • Crushers are madein modern design.
  • They are easy in maintenance.

If it is difficult for you to choose an appropriate crusher, it is enough to leave a request on the website and our specialists will contact and help you as soon as it is possible. There is also a good possibility to see our equipment during its work. We also offer shredders with reinforced shafts and special legs. All the equipment is available.  It means that you can order the equipment at any time.

Get acquainted with the possibilities of our equipment! Leave your request on our website right now!

To buy a crusher

Knife crushers operate on the principle of cutting, carefully crushing soft and more fibrous products. However, they cannot work with solid raw materials. Crushers include knives, impaled on the shafts and they cut waste materials into small pieces.It is recommended to equip crushers with magnetic metal plates. It is necessary in order to refine metal elements before processing.In our catalogue, there are such models as:

  • bevel cut;
  • dovetail;                                                    
  • cascade;
  • milling and chess;


In the room where waste recycling is carried out, it is necessary to install the equipment of various capacities.Everyone has the opportunity to choose a model which has suitable parameters: volume, power and price.  It is very important to remember that the material of a certain color should be fixedin a separate crusher. You can buy our crushers in our online store. We have individual offers and a flexible system of discounts for our regular customers. If you have any difficulties with the choice of products, please contact the Manager of the market, he will help and answer all your questions.